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About Our Organization

The Veterans Council of Duval County Florida exists to cooperate with local, state and national social services and welfare agencies in programs relating to the welfare of veterans, military personnel and their dependents. The purposes and functions of the Veterans Council of Duval County Florida include: ​​

a)    To act a liaison between veteran serving organizations in the community and the City of Jacksonville's Military Affairs and Veterans Department (MAVD)

b)    To improve communication, coordination, and support between veteran serving organizations and the MAVD on matters affecting Veterans

c)    To aid and support the MAVD in the events, ceremonies, outreach activities and Veterans-related social services efforts

d)    To actively engage in providing support for area Veterans through events, fundraisers, and philanthropic efforts

e)    To plan, coordinate, and assist the City or others in establishing any other programs that may be deemed advisable by the Council in serving the best interests of the Veterans and military community and their dependents.

It's about Giving Back

Hosting community events, career days, and networking luncheons, we do what we can to bring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and our veterans together in hopes of building a brighter and better community.

Having the chance to give back to our military veterans and countrymen is a privilege. For more than 50 years Veterans Council Duval County Florida has worked to help military members and their families build their dreams and become engaged members of the community.