Treasurer, Esther Byrd

Esther Byrd, a resident of Neptune Beach, is a second generation Marine.  She joined the Marine Corps in the months following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 in honor of her Father’s service. 

After discharge, she continued work as a legal assistant alongside her husband, Cord Byrd, an attorney practicing primarily in Firearms Law. Helping veterans understand, protect or restore their firearms rights is an important and rewarding part of their work.

Esther was an integral part of Cord’s successful campaign for State House in 2016. Being the wife of a State Representative gives her a unique opportunity to  serve Florida and the constituents of House District 11. She advocates for veteran issues,  traditional family values,  returning God to our society and adoption of shelter pets.

She is privileged to be a full-time Mother to Dominic, age 14, and Lexie, age 3. Dominic, a freshman at Bishop Kenny High School, is continuing the family tradition of service as a Cadet in NJROTC and runs Cross Country. Esther understands that raising children who love God, family and country is the most important service of all.